I'm Your Host, Holly.

I'm so glad you're here.

Holly holding ukulele behind head and looking sideways

Growing Up

Music was always my happy place growing up.  All my friends were in band and some of my favorite teachers were my band directors. As a result, I knew I wanted to be a music teacher from the time I was in middle school.

"I really love what you're doing here, you're bringing such a fresh, new energy."
"We're so lucky to have you!"
Teaching Colleague

I've taught
public school
elementary music
for 8 years

"Even your words
sound like music!"
5th grader
"Can we just stay here forever?!
I don't want to leave you!"
2nd grader
"Thank you for teaching us how to listen to the music today."
1st grader

Becoming mama

I had a wildly traumatic birth and postpartum with my firstborn child, despite my best efforts, and reading all the pregnancy books, and taking all the classesIt took me a long time to reconnect with my own self, and to share my song with my precious new babe. 


I felt like such a fraud.

I wasn’t sharing anything musical with my baby, even though I was a professional music educator and had taught thousands of kids!


Music eventually helped guide

me back home to myself.

(And was instrumental in helping me bond with my baby.)

I also discovered a new burning passion (read obsession) for all things parenting. 

I continue to gobble up all different kinds of parenting resources to this day; I just can’t get enough!

I quickly noticed a problem, though:

there was a massive lack of programs available for our littlest humans. 

This was super disappointing to me, so I decided to do something about it.

Harmony lodge music
was born!

We offer a unique blend of best practices from music education,
combined with a varied repertoire of parenting styles.

Everything I offer comes kid-tested and parent-approved,
from my own, real, imperfect, human parenting journey.

Holly holding ukulele up in the air

What's My teaching style?

 I draw from my formal music education training at The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!), as well as best practices from my time in the classroom. 

I blend the Orff Schulwerk process with the Kodály Method, and Dalcroze-Eurhythmics with The Feierabend Approach. Plus, I use folk songs, classical and multicultural music. 

(All of that just means that my classes are fun, engaging, interactive and joyful. And, of course, include good helping of my own goofy, silliness!)

What's My Parenting Style?

I gather inspiration from the Montessori Method and philosophy, Peaceful/Respectful/Gentle Parenting, Attachment Parenting, Slow and Free Range Parenting, UnschoolingJoyschooling…


Did I mention, I devour parenting resources?!


All of that to say, I believe in the powers of nurturing connection, unstructured play time, space to explore, and empathic communication while holding limits and boundaries.

And, Just To Be Clear, We Are NOT Perfect Over Here! 

We also struggle with BIG emotions, limits and hygiene-related tantrums. 

(Why do they fight us so hard just for trying to keep them clean and healthy?!) 

 I also know that music instruction can feel 

very ambiguous and overwhelming to many. 

Do I just tell Alexa to play some kid songs? 

Do I wait until my kid is older and can play a “real” instrument? 

Is my baby too young for music? 

and that’s where I come in! 


 I’m committed to making music education accessible to all, 

in simple, actionable, bite-size bits and pieces, so that you, too 

can harness the powers of music in your family life.

So, why music?

Studies have shown that music has impressive benefits, from boosting brain function, to helping memory, literacy, creativity, self-confidence, and social relationship skills. I also see music as a window into other culturestime periods and historical events.

Don’t forget about all the personal joy and peace you might experience when you: 

listen to a favorite song, 

play a musical instrument with others, 

or have an impromptu kitchen dance party.

I BELIEVE music taps into something bigger than us and can connect us on deep, deep levels.

I BELIEVE everyone has an inner musician just waiting to be invited to play. 

I BELIEVE in long childhoods, slowing down, and dancing in the rain.

I BELIEVE in raising beautiful humans who are sensitive and aware, 

and grounded in their sense of belonging and own self worth. 

I Believe Music
Can Change The World,
One Child, One Family At A Time,
In Joyful Song Together.

Holly gazing upwards with a smirk and holding ukulele on her shoulder

So, watta yah say,

are you ready

to come out and play?

Musically yours,

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