Giving back

When you choose to invest in your family and your future, you're also creating positive change in the world through music education.

Harmony Lodge Music is proud to donate a percentage of profits to:

An incredible, global, non-profit organization offering creative opportunities for marginalized and at-risk youth, specifically in the developing world.

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Founded in 2007

The PFCF was established in 2007 to create positive change in the world through music and arts education. So far, they have impacted over 40,000 lives and counting.

15 Music Programs
11 Countries

The PFCF is currently operating 15 music programs across 11 countries. They employ over 200 local staff, teachers and community leaders across their various locations, including Rwanda, South Africa, Thailand, Mexico, Nepal, Argentina and Brazil (among others).

Across many PFCF communities, these programs serve as the only option for cultural and creative educational activities for the students.