benefits of therapy

Ode To My Therapist: Benefits of Therapy

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[A personal, uplifting poem highlighting the benefits of therapy, life coaching and reparenting yourself through a history of trauma and  neglect.]

The door creeeaaks open

Come on in!

Do you want some tea?

Normally this would be the time for small chat

But you know me

You can sense it as soon as I walk in

The air turns heavy, like a thick fog

My mind a flurry of thoughts, feelings, questions

I want to dive right in

Unleash an avalanche of words

Get right into sorting things out with my mind

But I hold back

I’ve been here long enough


Let’s settle in




Sometimes I forget to breathe



I close my eyes

Slow myself down,

Sometimes for the first time in weeks.

I sense your full presence – such a rare gift these days

Your love, your compassion

It covers the room in a cozy blanket

Including me

I relax into the warmth and safety


For the first time in my life I feel fully seen

Fully heard, fully validated.

And I never knew how much I needed that.

I wish you were my mom.

I hope Jack feels the same way when he’s with me.


What comes to mind?

Finally, I can unleash the volcano brewing inside!

Except, I’m surprised to find that

it’s not a volcano anymore

I’m in a boat floating on the ocean

There’s no rush, no hurry

All in due time


My scattered thoughts congeal into complete ideas

The words flow out…

Let me stop you right there

Where do you feel that in your body?

What does it feel like?

Let’s sit with that a little longer…


You have an uncanny ability to show me a new perspective

To weave my life together in ways I couldn’t yet see

And how old do you feel there?

Notice how familiar that feeling is

And, it’s not your fault


So much of our time together is learning to reparent myself

To give myself what I so desperately needed growing up

To find that terrified, timid little girl in the corner

And embrace her

Hold her hand

Stand by her side

Simply and profoundly BE with her


I’ve come so far.

I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

I’m learning to trust myself.

I stand up for myself now.

I’m teaching others how to treat me.


Slowing down is still a work in progress

But I’ve come to look forward to our

Settling in times


I’m crafting a new vision for my future

One full of ease, flow and magic

With working hard AND

Playing hard

Proactively making time for rest and joy


Thank you for guiding me

Thank you for pushing me

Thank you for your energy and love

Thank you for showing me the way

Back home to myself.

benefits of therapy

Your turn

Tell us in the comments, have you ever been to therapy? Any advice for people just starting out? What benefits have you experienced from talk therapy?


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