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Top 30 Delightful, Musical Books That Every Kid Should Read

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Why musical books?

I’m sure you know that reading is one of the most important things you can do for your child, especially in the first few years of life. But, did you know that musical books take reading to a whole new level? It’s true! They help your child listen for speech patterns in their native tongue, aid language development and memory skills, and are perfect for quality bonding time between family members. 

So, what makes a book musical? First, we’ll look at books that rhyme, followed by books with a musical storyline and ending with books with a song. All of the musical books in this list are great for babies, toddlers and beyond. I also tried to highlight some lesser-known titles for this list.

Types of musical books

Books that rhyme

First, let’s explore books that rhyme. Rhythm is very soothing, especially for babies and toddlers, and can help them learn to self-regulate during big emotions. Now that’s something I can get behind 100%!

Well honestly, everyone can benefit from a good rhyming book. The flow of the words can lull you into a peaceful state, and wash away stress and worries… at least for a little while. Did you favorite rhyming book make the list?

books that rhyme

Cement Mixer's ABC

Here's a Little Poem

There Was An Old Pirate Who Swallowed A Map

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin

books that rhyme

Engine, Engine #9

In The Tall, Tall Grass

books that rhyme

The Way I Feel

Jazz Fly

Please, Puppy, Please

books that rhyme

Llama Llama Red Pajama

Squeak, Rumble, Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!

Books with a musical storyline

After discussing rhyming books, let’s look at books with a musical storyline. These books use music to tell their story. The story might be about the courage it takes to try something new, or maybe about the beauty and magic behind a name. No matter what the story is, these books pack a powerful bit of life lessons, intermixed with their lyrical and delightfully musical tales. Plus, beautiful illustrations, as well.

(This might be my favorite category… well, actually… I just love them all, what can I say?!)

musical books

Your Name Is A Song

Swing Sisters

The Song Garden

musical books

Drums Of Noto Hanto

musical books

The Flute Player

Music Class Today

Lazlo Learns Recorder

musical book

We Are Music

Tambourine Moon

A Song For All Seasons

Books with a song

And finally, that brings us to our last section, books with a song. As the category suggests, these books all include a song. Most of these books have the sheet music in the back cover, or you could look them up on youtube before you read with your child. The songs really help these stories come to life. You may even find yourself singing the songs long after story time is over.

books with a song

Singing In The Rain

Hush, Little Baby


Every Little Thing

Coat Of Many Colors

What A Wonderful World

Carnival Of The Animals (this one includes a CD!)

Over In The Meadow

Musical Books All Around

And there you have it! My top 30, lesser-known, musical books for babies, toddlers and beyond. We covered books that rhyme, books with a musical storyline and books with a song. I believe that books are such a magical tool to learn about the world, other people and our own selves, if we let them.

I hope you enjoy some extra cuddles while reading these musical books with your little one. Plus, don’t forget to enjoy the rhythms, songs and stories for yourself, too!

Wondering how to incorporate musical books into your family life? Make your own music zone at home! Learn how right here in this ultimate guide! You’ll discover how to choose the perfect location, what to include and how to keep the zone fresh and well loved for the long term.

Now, I'd love to hear from you

Tell us in the comments below >>> what’s your favorite musical book? Did it make the list?

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